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Goal #1:

To even further increase student involvement in Campus Ministry sponsored events at Savannah State University.


Through coordination with the Student Activities Office, members will write emails and letters to new students informing and encouraging them to become involved in Campus Ministry at Savannah State University. Through this, we hope to create a welcoming atmosphere for incoming students and an even stronger Christian community at the University. 

As an organization, we will try to involve students living in the various dormitories in our campus community. We will plan and organize one event per semester in each dormitory that allows this to take place. 

Members will be required to be involved with at least 3 Campus Ministry sponsored events per semester. These events include (but are not limited to): the kick-off block party, retreats, basketball tournament, revivals/conferences, community service, weekly prayer gathering, and weekly bible studies.

Goal #2: To increase and strengthen the connection between the Campus Ministry and the larger metro community.


Members will be encouraged to attend worship services at congregations in the Savannah area. At least three times per semester, members should visit local congregations or colleges and participate in worship. This will be a great way for members to represent the Savannah State University community and will further connect the college to outside churches, pastors, and resources.

Members will serve the community by volunteering in a specific way. At least 10 hours of community service per semester will be required for all members. This volunteering can take place in a variety of different ways; including (but not limited to) campus kitchens, working with children at a local school, working at a soup kitchen or other such organization, working at a church, participating in a tutoring program, etc.

Every member will participate in Campus Ministry's Outreach program activities at least twice per semester. The Outreach program is an opportunity for Savannah State students to lead retreats, lock-ins, and other activities for youth in churches around the Savannah area. Savannah State University students thus become leaders, mentors, and examples for adolescents who are part of the local Christian community. It is also a great way for kids to learn about Savannah State University as well as a great way for Savannah State students to network with the surrounding community.

Goal #3: To increase spiritual growth opportunities for members through Christian fellowship and Bible study.


Members will be encouraged to participate in Bible Studies on various topics. Members will make a point to invite new people to join and participate in the bible study.
Periodically, members will gather for fellowship to discuss events, troubles, and hopes with each other. This will allow members to learn, grow, and trust one another in their spiritual journey.

Members will also be encouraged to study together to keep each other accountable with grades and class work. At the beginning of each semester, we will come together and get connected with the other people who are in the same classes. Then, students who share classes will decide when/where/how often they would like to get together to study for tests and quizzes, and discuss ideas for various class topics. Also at this initial meeting, students who do not have the same classes but would like to study in a group anyway will have a chance to arrange something with others. Studying together is not required but encouraged as this will be helpful to balance the member's life between social life and school.

Members will be provided the opportunity to attend services at Greater Impact Ministries, The Temple of Glory, Overcoming By Faith, New Salem Community Fellowship Church, and/or New Generation Full Gospel Baptist Church at least once per month. This is a great time for worship and Christian fellowship. Attendance is not required, but strongly encouraged, as it is a great bonding and learning experience that provides exposure.

Goal #4: To introduce the campus community to Christ and increase spiritual growth opportunities for University Staff and students through campus outreach.


Members will host campus revivals for the reclamation of staff and students that would like to rededicate their lives to the service of Christ.

Members will host campus conferences that will bring local clergy on the campus to minister to students both spiritually and practically. The conferences will also expose our campus community to local gospel talent; mime ministries, choirs. 

In addition to bible study (mentioned in another goal), members will host social activities; movie nights, basketball tourneys, flag football tourneys, cookouts, free car washes, etc; -- to allow students and staff to interact with each other in a wholesome manner; This will allow the lifestyle and characters of our members to minister and witness to others.  It is important to witness verbally, but it is equally important to witness through the integrity of every day living.

Meet Our Team

Primary Advisor - Vantrel Mainor           Secondary Advisor - Sheri Mainor

Advisory Board - Shante Smith              President -- Keneen Brinson

Vice President -- TBD                           Secretary -- Candace Jeffers

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